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All information and explanations given on these Internet pages are non-binding. NECTECH cannot guarantee that the content is correct and complete.
No guarantee is provided and no assurance is given with regard to product properties. No legal entitlements shall arise from the content of the Internet pages.
Errors in the content will be corrected as soon as they become known. The contents of the Internet pages cannot always be current owing to delays in updating.
In view of this fact, please contact us for information on the status, technical details and availability of products and services.
Links to other Internet pages are not monitored on a permanent basis.
We therefore accept no responsibility for the content of linked pages.

Downloading of data

Skynet-Host24.com is unable to guarantee that data which can be downloaded from the Internet pages are completely free of errors.

Copyright and other special protection rights

The content of these Internet pages is protected by copyright. One copy of the information on the Internet pages may be saved on a single computer for non-commercial and personal, internal use.
Graphics, texts, logos, images etc. may only be downloaded, reproduced, copied, altered, published, sent, transferred or used in any other way with the written permission of Skynet-Host24.com.
Specified product names and company names may be registered trademarks or brands. Unauthorised use may result in claims for damages and omissions.

Protection of personal data and confidentiality

We are unable to guarantee that information or personal data sent to us will not be ‘tapped’ by third parties while being sent.


Skynet-Host24.com shall not be liable for damage, and in particular not for direct or indirect consequential damage, data loss, lost profits, system or production breakdowns, which result from the use of these Internet pages or the downloading of data. In the event that malicious intent or gross negligence can be shown to have caused damage from use of the Internet pages or downloading of data, exclusion of liability shall not apply. The legal relationship which comes into being between you and NECTECH as a result of the use of the Internet pages is subject to the laws in European. In the event of legal disputes with commercially registered merchants which result from the use of these Internet pages.

Data protection

Skynet-Host24.com would like to encourage user confidence in the Internet. As a result, it discloses the way in which it handles personal data.
You can find out what information is collected and how this information is dealt with below.

Notes regarding data protection

You can generally access all of the Internet pages of Skynet-Host24.com without having to supply personal details. If, in an individual case, your name, address or other personal data are required, you will be informed of this fact in advance. Your personal usage data are used in order to make the services provided by Skynet-Host24.com as convenient as possible for users and to improve these services.

Should you decide to pass on personal data to Skynet-Host24.com via the Internet in order that correspondence can take place or an order can be placed for example, these data will be handled with care in accordance with the strict regulations of the European Data Protection Law.

If an Internet page is accessed, Skynet-Host24.com is provided with usage data which are stored for security reasons and which may allow identification (for example IP address, date, time and pages viewed). Skynet-Host24.com assesses these data in order to learn about user behaviour and to produce statistics. In the process, the high security standards of the European Teleservices Data Protection Law and the European Data Protection Directive for Telecommunications Companies are observed at all times. The data are not used on a personal basis.

The passing-on of personal information to third parties

Should data be passed on to service providers as part of order-data processing, these service providers, to other legal regulations and contractually to the Privacy Policy of Skynet-Host24.com . If obliged by law or in accordance with a court ruling, Skynet-Host24.com will pass on your data in the scope requested to those institutions which are entitled to receive such data. For other purposes, Skynet-Host24.com does not pass on your data to third parties without your express agreement.


Skynet-Host24.com stores your data on particularly secure servers in USA or Germany. Your data may be accessed only by a small number of people who are authorised Skynet-Host24.com and who are involved with the technical, commercial or editorial operation of these servers.

Right of revocation

If you instruct Skynet-Host24.com not to use your personal data for the purpose of making further contact and/or to delete these data, Skynet-Host24.com will do so accordingly.
Data which are absolutely necessary for order processing or for commercial purposes shall not be affected by a cancellation or deletion.

Please understand that in the event of revocation, a personalised service can no longer be provided because such service is based around the use of customer data.

The use of cookies

Cookies collect textual information during an online session and store this information in a special file in ASCII format (cookie.txt) on the user’s hard drive. The user’s WWW browser determines where the cookie will be saved on the user’s computer. Cookies are information which is sent back to the server during the next online session. They can be read only by the server which placed them there previously.

Skynet-Host24.com uses cookies only where they are absolutely necessary for user functions or where they make it easier to navigate the websites.
The information contained is not made available to any third parties because the cookies are used only for the purposes described above.

Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. However, this function can be deactivated within the browser at any time.
You can set your browser so that it will inform you as soon as cookies are to be sent.

Links to other websites

The websites Skynet-Host24.com may contain links to other websites. Skynet-Host24.com has no influence over the editorial content of external websites and is unable to guarantee
that the operators of such external websites comply with data-protection regulations.

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